How can students make money with a nitch?

March 15, 2018 8 Comments

How can students make money with a nitch?

Students can own a business by making money with nitches. First, you have to figure out what your nitch is. Affiliate Marketers use nitches all the time. In my words, it is something you are passionate about or knowledgable about and you create content around it.

For example, it could be woodworking, for me, it is students, to another, it could be on mountain bikes.



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What Is A Nitch¿

According to Stack Exchange Dictionary on the web, nitch is an adjective that means having a specialized appeal.  Something you may know a lot of information about you can share with the world to help others, and make money doing it.

Vegan Nitch
Vegan is healthy. Many are writing on Vegan for a nitch

What Type of Nitches areThere ¿

There are so many kinds of nitches I could not even count them. It could be the latest fad, or something you are interested in your learning about, an invention, a clothing line, Rolex, Nikki, Travel, Your School Band, The Cello Player, Your College Team, the list is endless.

School Nitches
School Nitches

Where Do You Advertise Your Nitch to Make Money¿

You need to advertise you nitch, write content, or place adds from companies on your site to get known. To make money from your nitch, you need to build your website. Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? Wealthy affiliates have a great platform to use for advertising, building a business and the perfect way to create your nitch with WordPress. It is Free with Free training to help you build your business. 

You can blog, do lots of content, write reviews, create a course, do comparisons all around your nitch. Look here.

Set Aside A Time To Start

It will only take a little of your time building your website and creating content to make money from your nitch. Granted it will be a little more work at first getting your business set up, but it is very easy to do. One could be computer illiterate. 

Creating your website with your nitch and training that could be done in a few days. Just add content to your blog every day so your readers stay interested and tell others, people buy, you make money.

Write About Your Nitch

Students make money with a nitch by blogging every day to get content to Google. The more you write, the better the chances of becoming on googles front page.

Do not worry, Kyle can help you get there possibly on your first blog page.

Affiliates build their websites based on the nitch. Writing a little content around your nitch every day can be done in school, on vacation at the beach, or on your couch.

If you are a marine biologist, your nitch could be on anything in the ocean.

Marine Biologist nitch
Are you a Marine Biologist? Tell the world what is important to you!

 For example, my nitch could be about beaches so I write about different beaches and advertise for different travel agencies, cruise lines, swimsuits, you get it, right?


What Is the Work Schedule

You only have to work 3 hours a day to make money with a nitch
Work fewer hours with a nitch, have time for your pets

Most jobs starting out can make work hours a day, making it difficult to keep up with homework, sports, choir, cheer. Owning your own business you can work around your school schedule. 

Starting your own Nitch with Affiliate Marketing, you only need up to two hours a day at least three times a week, If you want to move up in google faster and be a trusted website, create content every day.  Time? Depends on you as the writer how long it takes.

Your Nitch Starts Making Money

It takes a little time to make money like every business starting out does. You will make a lot of money overnight, but with a little effort, no time at all, it could be days, you will be making a good income with your nitch. Owning your own business is rewarding,

Once your Nitch starts making money, you will be making money while doing homework, playing sports, studying for your test or even when you sleep at night. Your nitch is giving you revolving payments.

More Freedom

 “Who has time for an eight-hour job?”  When you own your own business, you set your own schedule. Nice! You will not have to work eight hours a day to make money with this job or business. 

I am a student online, so I understand first hand about time and how every second of the day counts. Online is much more time consuming than traditional college from my experience.

Working with Wealthy Affiliate has given me more time and freedom to focus on my business and see what nitch can I add to my site to help students. 


Owing your own business gives flexibility. Have some fun hiking, going to a movie or blowing steam off at the gym; more things possible added to our lives when we can work fewer hours. 

Being at the top of your game is a good feeling!


Being able to get more done is less pressure; having time for more rest leads to less stress; which creates a happier, healthier life.


The secret of nitches and making money
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Watch out for sights that guarantee to make you rich overnight schemes. If it is too good to be true, it is. This is a perfect opportunity for students to make money, free up more time so you can have more time to manage the way you want.

School sports is a nitch
We are a nitch


Making money with nitches
You can make money online. Thousands of people buy every day.

Blog Your Favorite Team[

Being at the top of your game is a good feeling!

I have readily done the research for you on Affiliate Websites, spending lots of unnecessary money, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect Affiliate job. Just try it here for free along with the free training.

Students make money with nitches once your site is up, and people click on it, then you will see the money grow. You get two sites for free, free training to build it. Compare to see the only charge you get if you become a premium member. Remember, this is a small price to pay when owning your own business.

Best of Luck, Your Friend,

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Sheri Merrick

8 thoughts on “How can students make money with a nitch?”

  1. This is a great explanation of how students can make money with a nitch (or niche as some like to call them). There are many ways to build out monetization for a nitch, and you have also pointed them in the right direction to learn how to get it done properly. 

    The thing that many people do not realize is that there are some steps involved that you have to follow to have much success with online marketing using nitches. It is not like you can make much money by investing 5 minutes setting up a website, adding offers and getting sales.  It does not work that way.

    If you do not have the proper training, you can build a website but there are millions of them, and getting attention and traffic to that website will not be easy. Once you have traffic, it does not mean that everyone is going to buy either, so it is important that you add content that people want to read and learn about. 

    These are targeted visitors that are more likely to take action on the offers that you promote and what the affiliate marketer needs. You learn all this and much more on the platform that you recommend. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me so much over the past almost 4 years.

    Students can earn some great part-time income and maybe more if they want to scale up through affiliate marketing online, and it is not that hard to set up. Get the right training, tools, and access to features, and they will be up and running quickly and thereafter can start earning an income (it does take work and time, but success will rise as you do more of both)…  

    1. Thank you Dave and your are correct.  The training is amazing and so simple to follow.  I think it just depends on your nitch, how quickly your seeing success. 

      If students used the website towards a business like a writer, journalist, writing reviews, being a blogger, have a website to sell their Art or new invention, or to advertise a business they all ready have such as a photographer,  jobs like these having their own website would help them to get their name and brand out there and could generate huge success if they pick a target crowd to market to or if people really enjoy their work.  

      This would also help writers or journalist to see if they are headed a right direction in what they do if people are really responding. 

      Thoughts on this? 

      Thank you, 

      Sheri Merrick

      Wealthy Affiliate

  2. Amazing article! I will recommend this program for everyone who likes to build a  website and start an online business. I started my own website two months ago and I’m already ranked high enough to be on the first page in Yahoo an Bing. very amazing program, they will walk you through the training step by step with videos. All you have to do is provide help for people through your content. 

    1. Thanks SAM for responding to my website. That is great your no. 1 in Google! Do you think there is something more I could add to better the website?

  3. I like your site and how students can get a summer job by using a niche, by using Wealthy Affiliate. The page design is easy to read. Very detailed oriented and I believe people will join Wealthy Affiliate because of the explanation you have. I like the pictures you have put on your site because anyone can use it.

    1. Dianne,

      Thank you for responding to my website. I have so much more I want to do for students. If there is anything you need or would like to see added, please let me know. 

      Thank you 

      Sheri Merrick

  4. Hello Sheri,

    This is a very helpful article about How students can make money with a nitch. At present, I am also a student. I want to find work online. But when I read your article then I can realize why I am finding work online the work ready for me on Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for students because students can work here in their free time. Time is the most valuable thing for a student. I also want to work on Wealthy Affiliate. Can you guide me to grow up in Wealthy Affiliate marketing?

    Thanks for writing a helpful post for students. Really your article is benefited for students.

    Again Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Khobayer Khan,

      Thank you for responding to my website. First I would like to apologize for the late response I had to take a week off a family member passed away.

      To get started, click on this link https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c

      This will take you to where you want to sign up to get started for free. Kyle will walk you through the process. You could have your site up and running in a day or a week, it just depends on how much time you have to dedicate towards it.

      You will want to think of what kind of nitch you want to do or business you want to build. Google really likes when your doing something to help someone or the latest fads going on. Kyle will help you get ranked in Google right away.

      I would try the premium membership as soon as you can. With it only being $18 your first month to try. Than you get 25 websites instead of 2, spam and virus protection, although you do get virus protection on the free version. The ultimate amount of help you get and the 24 hour access to classroom and Affiliates from around the world is just incredible. You will have so much support. After the first month of trying premium you can go back to FREE version or if you like premium it will be $49 a month. That is nothing to have your own business, especially when you can earn money through Wealthy Affiliates easily that would pay for that amount as well.

      Link to premium if you want to check it out

      If your just ready to get started for free and know your websites name you want click this link

      I hope this answers what you want and I will be seeing you over there.

      Have a great day!

      Sheri Merrick

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