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By: Sheri Merrick Affiliate Marketing

Hello, I am Sheri Merrick, I want to tell you about myself, why you should trust me and share with you how Online Jobs for Studennts.org came to be.

I am 49, about to graduate this year in College, and wanted to share this opportunity with you for online jobs. I know how difficult it can be at times to work when you need to study for that test, you want to call in to have the day off, but you need your job at the same time.

                     “Do Not Juggle More Than You Have To”

Then there is the juggling around work, sports and the practices in between. If you’re a student online, the school already takes hours of your day or evening with work leaving you no time at all.

I have had my struggles along the way with time, work, papers due or the need to study for that test. I knew I would have to find a job with flexible hours to keep up with my homework so that I could get good grades.   I finally found the perfect job. Here is my story.              

Why I went back to College

My Greatest Inspiration, My Grandson

I have two girls, one who graduated from high school all most two years ago and is in the Marines and a model. My oldest daughter is a little older who works countless hours and going to school to be a nurse. She is a great mother to my awesome grandson. I also have a niece, a clothing retail manager in college, who means the world to me.

Picture of niece, sister, and 2 daughters.

When I was thinking of them, I thought if I could show them that being an entrepreneur has so much more benefits working for yourself and you always know if you’re going to have a job.

Therefore, I decided to go back to school for real-estate law. I want to work for myself while in school, so my search began for a job. 

Jobs to Avoid

I found online jobs that sounded good with Affiliate Marketing, people are making great money, but I should have researched the companies first, it would have saved me money.

Some of the companies saying it would only be $99 or something similar in price to build a website and make money instantly. Far from the truth. Well, that turned into $300 from all the up sales and products I needed just to build my website. I was mad. 

Also, stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true like the get rich quick schemes, do not let them fool you, you are smarter than that. 

I Found The Perfect Job for Students

I thought that was insane so I had to find something better. When I had finally found the perfect company who would give me a free website and free training, making it SIMPLE TO BUILD, I had to see what they were about.

Wealthy Affiliates is and does exactly what they say. No having to buy this and buy that. The only thing is if you go premium, you get 25 websites, spam and virus protection, access to classroom training and all their extra training, the platform, WordPress, and you can build your site on whatever you want your company to be, for only $49 a month to be premium. 

I was happy to call that $300 dollars I spent at a loss because WA has everything you need to build a website. If you want to be a journalist, build your website around that. If you are a writer, inventor, blogger, a designer, entrepreneur, into sales (cars, women or men’s clothes, jewelry), anything you want your business to be.

How Quickly Can I Make Money You Say?

It could take a day, a week, a month depends on you and if you can put in at least 3 to 4 hours a day into your business and follow Kyles directions precisely you can make money very quickly. You can brand yourself, get your name out there so people can trust you after seeing some credibility.

Best Company for a Students

Wealthy Affiliate is a great company. You can make yourself known if you are a writer, journalist, blogger, affiliate marketer, if you like to write reviews to make money, the choices are endless.

I am happy with all they give you for free but extremely satisfied to have everything I need for my business at $49 a month for a premium member.

Why I Am Sharing With You

As I was saying earlier, I know how difficult it can be to work, go to school, take care of responsibilities and it can become overwhelming at times.

This is when I decided to share with other students. I thought to myself, “How else can I help students get through school and make things simpler why in school and when they graduate.

This is what led me to find discounts that will help you in many ways. Discounts can help college students save money to invest in their future. College students that learn how to invest early can possibly pay off their college by the time they graduate.

You can have money in your pocket instead of depending on credit cards. Credit cards are just a debt you continually have to pay back and you cannot buy a home unless those debts are paid.

Helping students is what I am about because I know how it feels to struggle.

This leaves me to be on the constant search for the best discounts I can find including insurance, school supplies, computers, software, movies, I will keep adding more discounts weekly. I am a new website. Keep coming back to find further discounts.

Also, check out ways you can invest as I add them to the website and how you can learn to invest now in your future today.

Do you know what Vegan is? Try some Vegan recipes

Let me know if there is something I can find for you.

Thank You for checking out my website,

Sheri Merrick

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By: Sheri Merrick Affiliate Marketing

I am an Affiliate Marketer as well as owning my own website.


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