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First, You Need To Figure Out Your Nitch, To Make Money

According to Stack Exchange Dictionary on the web, nitch is an adjective that means having a specialized appeal.  Something you may know a lot of information about you can share with the world to help others, and make money doing it.

Nitch-Olympic Swimming

Affiliate Marketing

Have you heard of Affiliate Marketing? This is not a job you will make a lot of money overnight, but with a little effort, no time at all you will be making a good income with your nitch. When you pick your nitch, there are many things to advertise that can relate to it.  You can blog, do lots of content, write reviews, create a course, do comparisons all around your nitch.

What Is Your Nitch

Your nitch could be a fad that is out or something you are interested in your learning about, an invention, a clothing line, Rolex, Nikki, Travel, Your School Band, The Cello Player, Your College Team, the list is endless.

School Nitches

Write About Your Nitch

If you like to write, just writing a little content every day around your

nitch will make your website grow. For example, my nitch could be about beaches so I write about different beaches and advertise for different travel agencies, cruise lines, swimsuits, you get it, right?

Set Aside A Time To Start

Granted it will be a little more work at first getting your business set up. Creating your website with training could be done in a few days, and just add content or to your blog every day so your readers stay interested and tell others.

Starting Out

Most jobs starting out can make work hours difficult to keep up with homework, sports, choir, cheer while trying to make an income.

Working 8 hours can poop you out

Starting your own Nitch with Affiliate Marketing, you only need up to two hours a day at least three times a week, up to two hours a day keeping your blog updated, or 3 to 7 days (whatever you prefer) on content writing so you can get lots indexed with Google. Once you learn how to make front pages with Google, you will start making money.

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Your Nitch Starts Making Money

Once your Nitch starts making money, you will be making money while doing homework, playing sports, studying for your test or even when you sleep at night. Your nitch is giving you revolving payments.


 “Who has time for an eight-hour job?”

I am a student online, so I understand first hand about time and how every second of the day counts.

Working with Wealthy Affiliate has given me more time and freedom to focus on my important agenda for the day; if it is studying, reading, doing homework, or adding to my website.


Have some fun hiking, going to a movie or blowing steam off at the gym; more things possible added to our lives when we can work fewer hours.


Being able to get more done is less pressure; having time for more rest leads to less stress; which creates a happier, healthier life.

1ST Website for Free


Watch out for sights that guarantee to make you rich overnight schemes. If it is too good to be true, it is. This is a perfect opportunity for students to make money, free up more time so you can have more time to manage the way you want.

Blog Your Favorite Team[

Being at the top of your game is a good feeling!

I have readily done the research for you on Affiliate Websites, spending lots of unnecessary money, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect Affiliate job. Just try it here for free along with the free training.

Once your site is up, watch people click on it, and you will see money grow. You get two sites for free, free training to build it. WF has been around for over ten years with thousands of members all over the world. Now that is innovation!

Only $49 a month for your own business

If you do decide to try the full membership, it is only $19 your first month, then you can decide to go back to free, but I guarantee everything this site has to offer including spam and virus protection for $49 dollars a month is very inexpensive to have your own business expenses. No more or less.  From free to membership this is what you get.

Who can run a business for $29 a month? Who can run a business for $29 a month?

What is your Nitch?

“On-Line jobs can be perfect for students, especially trying to work and go to school. With the right job, you should make good money working only four hours a day”

Sheri Merrick WF and Full-Time Student

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