Being a student, finding online jobs, my inspirations, struggles, how owning your own marketing business makes a difference-Do not forget to invest in your future!

                                       On-Line Marketing Gives You More Freedom

       Finding Internet Work

Hello, I am Sheri, 47 in College and wanted to share this opportunity with you for online jobs. I know how difficult it can be at times to work when you need to study for that test, you want to call in to have the day off, but you need your job at the same time.


                     “Do Not Juggle More Than You Have To”

Then there is the juggling around work, sports and the practices in between. If you’re a student online, the school already takes hours of your day or evening with work leaving you no time at all. I have had my struggles along the way with time, work, papers due or the need to study for that test. 


My Greatest Inspiration, My Grandson
My niece Nicole, sister Lisa,
Daughter Autumn, Daughter Ashley

My Inspirations

I have two girls, one who just graduated from high school all most two years ago and is in the Marines, and one who is a little older who gave me a darling grandson. I also have a niece who means the world to me.

When I was thinking of them, I thought if I could teach them that being an entrepreneur has so much more benefits working for yourself and you always know if you’re going to have a job.

Therefore, I decided to go back to school for real-estate law. I knew there had to be a simpler way to make money while in school with technology these days. Than I found a couple of marketing companies I really like.

Wealthy Affiliate and Marketing Dude. I started out with Wealthy Affiliate because of the free training and free website and awesome support. WF wants you to succeed.


When I started making money, I went with Affiliate Dude who can teach you a whole different way of marketing that is awesome as well. Since it did not take much of my time and I made money, I had to share with students.

I began to research online jobs of jobs students and from there It has led me to finding discounts for students and any way I can help save time and a dollar.

Than I decided to go further and give you information on investing into your future. So, I do care about the younger generation and what happens to them. So, I must share what I found.

                     “YOU” will be happy you made the choice like we did!”

STRUGGLING – Job, School

I would struggle with juggling school, my old job, and time management. I want to take the time to let you in on what great job I found.  I did my homework, and I researched the internet. There are so many scams out there I could not believe it. My green eyes were turning red until I found Wealthy Affiliates. Seriously, starting a small business free that generates revenue is unheard of. You are the boss.



IT IS FUN AND SIMPLE! This is a way of making good money while in school and freeing up valuable time. Kyle at WF literally holds your hand from beginning to end to help you create a website that you could be making money on within minutes of it posting.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only place you will find setting up your site free and be able to use their platform which is easily worth over $400 or more with all the training you get? Easily worth $2000 or more.

Wealthy Affiliate is so confident they give this free version to anyone as thousands belong to this program and are making hundreds of thousands. It is worth at least trying the free version to see how much you are going to love it! I did not realize the friends, smart, intelligent people, from around the world, that I would encounter. 

Internet Marketing is The Key

STUDENTS – In Marketing

Future Marketers, you can get a massive jump in your career and most likely be ahead of everyone in your class as you get real-time training. You could be making money while you are doing homework OR use your website with your creation AND you could turn out like Google or Facebook. Like Google and Facebook, they had to start with an idea, created it, market there name and brand, and that is all it took. 


ANYONE can do this. It is a fun job besides being your boss and controlling your time the way you need it. Once your free website is established, and it will, you will get paid from top names like Amazon, Google and hundreds of other companies. ANYONE can do this because you LITERALLY HAVE SUPPORT from around the world. When people click on your web page, you get paid.


Try here FOR FREE     


This is how confident I am YOU WILL BE HAPPY! I’m giving you 2 few websites and free training. There are thousands of people across the world, and everyone is supportive. What better way to innovate, to find out the information you need for a global website. You can promote business, design your own site, make blogs, it is rewarding.

Think of how many millions of people are out there. So why not make your life a little more straightforward and control your outcome, not someone else. This is something you can keep for life,  with a bit of maintenance, because it is all about innovation and making changes when needed. Be your own boss.



I am going to tell you about pricing if you want to build more than two websites. You can still try WA on this free site. So you can see if it is a good fit for you. I joined for $19 the first month for premium so I could have access to everything.

You do not have to pay to try it or

get the training. Just see for yourself.

That in itself is worth $2,000. If you want to make it your business, then you can decide if you want the $49 need to pat the $49 a month on a membership fee after the initial $19 the first month.  See how much there is to offer and if we are a good fit for you. I wish I had found WA before I forked out over $350. Others want to take advantage of people to give others knowledge of this type information, not Kyle at WF. 


As I said, I genuinely care first because I have daughters at the young college age and because I am a student and I know the more free time we have to study, the better grades we get. I do not want to see new marketers starting out being taken advantage of, and it is a great place to start your business.

Who else has that much confidence that you can try their platform and build you a free website with free training? All the other Affiliate sites take advantage of the knowledge they have and charge a fortune. Do your research, you will see.

                            “YOU” will be happy you made the choice like we did!


My goal is to help College Students get a job that frees up their time and keeps making money no matter what you are doing. This opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate gives you more free time and money. 

Like Kyle said, “We are all writers because we are using social media every day,” (Kyle, 2018). Why not make money doing just that? All you must do is be your self, and you have support beyond your imagination. It is a great place to be, and I do not need to sugar coat the truth. Anyone can be successful in this business!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


 Reference Kyle (2018). WF

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